What’s my line – to the Dutchman?

It’s great to see so many new swimmers arriving in Myrtleville.  Welcome to you all.  

A very common question as newcomers stand on the beach for the first time is “what’s my line?”.   The response often given – even by people who have been swimming for a while – is to head towards Roches Point as a directional aid for getting to the Dutchman rocks. It’s easy to say and uses the most prominent feature on the landscape for navigation, but that’s not good advice.  Heading for Roches Point puts you outside the Dutchman and into marine traffic area – boats, in other words – who won’t be looking for swimmers.

The safe line is to sight on the last house on the coast on your left – the yellow one with the high triangular gable end, right on the Dutchman.  However, lots of people prefer a mark a bit further out to sight on.  For those swimmers, the furthest line out should be on the cottages inside Roches Point – following the green line in the pic below.  The lighthouse is a great help – but by keeping it on your right, not directly ahead.  Whatever you do, don’t sight on another prominent feature, the tower on the right of the picture below. Yes, it’s high up so you can see it, but it’s also way, way off where you want to be heading.  If you’re seeing that in front of you, start heading left – fast.

On the way back, aim for the beach or inside Bunny’s.  Well inside.  Don’t aim for Bunny’s as – again – you’re out where the boats are.  

For all the new swimmers, take the time to read the resources on this page:


It’s worth taking the time.  It’s your safety – and you’re worth it 🙂

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