Overcrowding already a serious issue.

With over 100 swimmers in the sea over the weekend in Myrtleville, congestion in the sea is becoming a problem.  Certain swimmers (Anne Sheehy No names, so as not cause embarrassment) are already notorious for cutting across other swimmers, even with only small groups in the water.

However, in defence of those unnamed parties, others contend that mnás just can’t swim straight (Denis Condon Again, no names) and are always causing trouble anyway, so they just can’t help themselves.  No comment on the veracity of this contention will be made on this site (although Eoin Lowry some people agreed with it).

It’s the sheer volume of swimmers coming to Myrtleville now that concerns us  – and how many there will be when the sea temperature increases.  It’s only March and we’re swamped with people.  What’s it going to be like on a warm Summer’s morning?

Normal Saturday morning swim in Myrtleville

Projected Saturday morning swim numbers when sea warms up in Myrtleville.

Still, when you see it as beautiful as Saturday morning, where else would people go?

Open water, sea swimming in Cork

Myrtleville – Saturday 12th March: 7.40am – before the rush.

There’s lots of room and no better place to start the day.  Great to see so many people enjoying it.   We’ll just have to find space for us all 🙂

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