Siobhan goes to Hollywood

We all know it’s only a matter of time before our star photographer gets tempted by the big money offers from the USA to become a photographer to the other – non-swimmy – stars. Let’s face it, if she can make us lot look good in Myrtleville, she’ll have no hassles with Leonardo, Julia, Matt etc.

The move took a step closer today with five of her pics featured in the H2Open magazine competition on Facebook.   The winner will be published in the magazine.  Siobhan will definitely get the call-up from 20th Century Fox after that one.

Here’s one of the pictures – featuring the world’s most famous jumping swimmer, Breda Maguire, with a supporting cast of Harris and Cashell(s).   Well done, Siobhan!


Now,  how exactly does the voting work so the vote-buying committee can spring into action?

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