Winter swimming

Well done to all of the large group who have stayed with the sea this Winter.   Mr. Motivation, Denis Condon, has been attracting crowds for his 10am swims every week day and it’s fantastic to see it.  The fact that he’s lying through his teeth – or completely deluded – about it being “toasty, roasting or too hot” every day hasn’t fazed anyone.  As Denis knows, once you get in – you’ll love it!  It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a wetsuit, togs, boots, hats or whatever you want – just keep swimming 🙂

Kieran Murphy captured some of the fun and beauty of Winter swimming with his drone.


Of course, as always, we’re spoiled with the great pictures Siobhan Russell gives us.


Winter swimming, beautiful setting and lots of good company.  You can’t beat Myrtleville.

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