Peaceful Patso Protest attacked by Myrtle Maniac

In a worrying escalation of the Patso vs. Myrtle campaign, Patso supporters were attacked at the weekend, while lawfully expressing their support for “The Furry One”.

Two campaigners – identified locally as “Marie de nurse” and “yer man, Kieran”, were handing out copies of the Patso Manifesto on Saturday morning, to the huge crowds of regular Myrtleville swimmers.


According to eye-witnesses, what happened next was shocking.  The Patso supporters were subjected to a violent attack by at least one highly-vocal Myrtle-ite.  “She came at them outta nowhere – screaming like a banshee she was, like a banshee!”  The attacker was swiftly removed from the scene, but a passing photographer (she passes that place a lot) caught the event on camera and charges may be pending.  

Image redacted to protect Anne Sheehy's identity.

Image redacted to protect Anne Sheehy’s identity.

The attacker is a known associate of the Cregan-Condon crime family and locals now fear an escalation in the campaign from both sides. We will monitor and report developments exclusively here.

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