Is it Bulman or Bullman?

Sometimes trying to piece together what happened at swims from the pictures taken, can get a little confusing.  I thought the spelling was Bulman, but then wasn’t sure if it was Bullman or Bull Man.  Siobhan Russell did her usual fantastic job and by all accounts, it was a great event.  That wasn’t where my problems lay – it was in the extra pictures I found referring to bulls and swims.  Anyway, I worked out the order and what was happening in the pictures – I think.

Firstly, Finbarr reconfirmed his Myrtlevillian credentials and introduced his family.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Finbarr and his gang from Myrtleville. Myrtlevillians Abú, says the Big Man. 

From comments on the web, it seems Ned Denison was being unusually lenient in allowing last-minute entrants.  The arrival of a large group of same was spotted by Finbarr.


It’s fair to say that there was some concern on the faces of other swimmers when they realised that the new group was being allowed to enter.

11351270_1146503975375488_792132520248154764_nRepresentations were made to Ned by Gary and Landy, but Ned felt he couldn’t turn down the late-comers – although he was a bit dubious about it as he eyed them up.


It’s from here on that the pictures and Bulman vs. Bullman confusion caught me out.  I think the shot of the start below confirms the late entrants just took over and it’s Bullman and not Bulman.  That’s definitely Rob Bohane leading out – sure, who else?

Start of 2015 event

Safety cover from Tom was superb as always – although it’s a different boat to usual.  Lots of drafting going on too.

Crofter swims cattle across seaHope I pieced this together properly.  Here’s a few more nice shots from the day – in no particular order.

11391484_1146501672042385_6265197866783311845_n 11336829_1146501625375723_9138150034179156202_o 11334161_1146502342042318_9028837373981112681_o

Tight finish2 Tight finish

11312969_1146503675375518_127549128494020029_o 11140222_1146397865386099_4643640736531897388_o 11053911_1146504912042061_4205432131265532429_o 10501942_1146502308708988_5709655293442039848_n 11393051_1146399948719224_837016351482058147_n

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