Entry form completion – some guidance.

As the entries come in for the RNLI Myrtleville-Church Bay swim on July 4, 2015, it’s noticeable that some swimmers either don’t understand the seriousness of the qualifying swim requirements or are simply trying to trade on past glories.  A sample of the – failed – submissions under qualifying swims are as follows:

Qualifying Swims:

  • 20ft paddle in the kids pool in Leisure World May 2013
  • Plenty
  • Would you like to see my world rankings for 1500m… will that count 🙂
  • 10 laps of San Francisco Bay (I swear !!)
  • Managed it last year
  • Lots (this from the man who in 2014 said: Just lots, more than you can imagine)
  • Swam in the pool at Source with Bernard

Of course, none of these attempted entries passed scrutiny.  Lads (and Lassies – ye’re no better) – there’ll be no living in the past now.  The Myrtleville Is Not A Club Annual Best Swim In The World Entry Validation Sub-Committee (or MINACABSITWEVSC for short) won’t stand for this kind of flippancy and blatant flouting of the rules.

Either do the required qualifying swims – in 2015, mind – or entries just won’t be accepted.  ‘Tis a disappointment, really.  I’d expect it from the fella below, but the rest of ye?  Sure, you can’t be doin’ that lads.


Proper entries to be submitted here!

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