While others enjoyed the weekend festivities at the Turkey Swims, this correspondent was working tirelessly on what will come as a massive shock to all believers in the spirit of Christmas.

Denis Cregan-Condon (AKA The Con Don) has been on a charm offensive since completing his Community Service for his Harris Shower rip-off.  During the Service hours, he produced feel-good videos to work his way back in to decent OWS society.  Many felt he had done enough and had paid his dues to the community.  He began to be accepted back – on the fringes – of group gatherings.

Open water swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Cregan-Condon edging his way back in to OW society….

Today, EXCLUSIVELY, this correspondent can reveal the charm offensive was a front for a breathtaking scam being rolled out in Australia.  An anonymous tip-off led to this Infomercial, currently taking the Christmas gift market in Australia by storm.  Watch and weep, readers….

Investigations have uncovered that the company behind this heinous crime is LMFAO Pty. Ltd registered at Redhead Beach, Newcastle, NSW (yes, Joleen, that is a real place) where the Infomercial was filmed.  The man behind the company is……..DANIEL CREGAN-CONDON, son of Denis and heir to the empire!!   By simply changing the Purification Pourer name to “Condon Shower in a Can”, they planned to bypass licencing and royalty laws and pocket the filthy lucre themselves.

Neither Cregan-Condon was contactable as we went to press.  The Harris Shower company said the matter was now with their legal team and they would not comment further.

The Harris Shower - no comment from their people.

The Harris Shower – no comment from their people.

One man’s greed – assisted by his family – to control the world market for portable Open Water Swimming showers has been laid bare.  This story isn’t over – we are on the Cregan-Condon trail and justice will be served!

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