A new member for Myrtleville Swimmers….

They said it would never happen – but he finally made the long trek from Sandycove to Myrtleville. Actually Rob “The Bull” Bohane just made a short 15 minute trek from his house, but we’ll ignore that for the sake of poetic licence.

Having accused everyone else of abandoning the Island, he came to see what the fuss was about at the Dutchman.  Again, more poetic licence – he came to avoid getting stuck at low tide in Sandycove.

Never mind the reasons – he came to Myrtleville with his 1000+ Sandycove laps done and here’s the proof:

Open water sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

He finally cracked – Rob Bohane at Myrtleville with local guide, Bernard

How long will it take you to do 1,000 laps of the Dutchman, Rob?

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