Mabon Eve Swim – Thursday, September 21st @ 06.30

Unfortunately, due to a forecast Gale Force 8 on next Friday morning, the Second Annual Myrtleville Mabon Swim to welcome the Autumn Equinox has been cancelled.

We herewith announce The First Annual Myrtleville Mabon Eve Swim, which will take place at 6.30am on Thursday, September 21st.  

21st of the month would be the equinox date for Spring, Summer and Winter so really the 22nd is a bit off – astronomically, I’d say, maybe.  I’ll ask Jim Shalloo.  He’s the man for that astronomical stuff.  You should have heard him this morning out by Bunny’s – “Do you know your apogees and perigees?”, says he.  Genius, boy, genius.

Anyway, back to the Swim.  Thursday morning next the forecast looks OK for a bit of sunrise.  6.30am.  Arrive quietly, in droves.

The Moon, Venus and Roches Point all shining on  Myrtleville this Monday morning. Hopefully it will be like this on Thursday.

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