Myrtlevillians mistreated in Sandycove

Honestly – some people?! We do all this work to support Sandycove and our peaceful emissaries are grievously mistreated by way of thanks.   The images from the events of Saturday are simply shocking.  Those of a gentle disposition may wish to look away now (Denis, Eoin Lowry etc).

First up – staunch Myrtlevillian, Finbarr Hedderman was lured into a picture with horrendous grey branded products and some kind of goat flag.  Ever the gentleman, he faked a smile but refused to wear any of them.  Myrtleville to the core, is Finbarr.  

Further insult was heaped on the unsuspecting award-winning Siobhan Russell, when she was unceremoniously bundled up in some of the gear.  We think this is an attempt to get star recognition of the goaty stuff, what with Siobhan’s high profile and access to all the top media outlets – this site, the Carrigdhoun etc.

The swim itself was where the real badness occurred – with outright assault on poor Bernard Lynch by person or persons unknown out the back of the Island.  Eoin O’Riordan, by the way.  Beaten and battered was Bernie – until he pulled away and bate the perpetrator.  Gwan ya good ting, Bernie!!  

The assault was raised with Rob De Bull after the event, in the hope that Eoin might get his just punishment.  “I saw nuttin”, said Rob.

We’re sure there were other assaults, but Myrtlevillians swam on regardless.  It’s worth noting that every single Myrtlevillian in the event beat Ned Denison.  How about that? Doesn’t happen too often.  

Darren Morrissey also showed the begrudgers what he thought of them. Gwan, Dazza!!

Things just got worse at the after-party.  Senior statisticians pored over the purported results and noted numerous additions of time onto Myrtlevillians.   Fake Times, said some American guy.  

Leading Myrtlevillians, Aisling and Finbarr, took to the stage to appeal for calm and a modicum of gratitude for all that Myrtevillians have done for little Sandycove.  That went down well.Eoin O’Riordan responded with shouts of “thanks, I’ll give ye thanks!!!” and went for Bernard again.  How much punishment must the poor man take?Salt was then rubbed in the wounds when our Mike Harris award was presented to Alex Jeffers.  I’m sure Alex has done his bit for Sandycove – but nowhere near as much as myself and Bernard.  Fix, like.  Fix.  They made our Finbarr stand in that pic too.  

Still, there’s always positives amidst the gloom.  The Irwin family had another great day out!  Well done, Mae – and the first man home in togs, Neddie, of course 🙂

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