A bit of a do – Friday 23/9 @ 8.30 in Bunnyconnellan

To celebrate the end of the Summer season (and launch the Winter one!), we’re having a gathering for a few drinks in Bunnyconnellan on Friday night, 23rd September.  They’ve kindly held the back section of the restaurant for us from about 8.30, so there will be plenty of room.  No charge, just buy your own drinks and there will be some finger foodie things too.

The evening’s meant to mark a lot of great successes at all levels for the many people who swim in Myrtleville.  These range from first time swims to the Dutchman, Church Bay swims, Fountainstown returns, Galway, London, San Francisco, Copenhagen, Dover, Kerry – lots and lots of fun and success for lots and lots of Myrtleville swimmers.  We might even be joined by some of the Sandycovers!

So, lets meet on the night and mark a great year so far, with other events like the Vampire Swim and the Turkey swims to come as the Winter begins.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Signage to be put up on Bunnyconnellan for the night.

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