Alcatraz Swim

Best of luck to John Kiely, swimming in the iconic Alcatraz swim in San Francisco tomorrow afternoon about 4pm.

Got The Hat and T-Shirt - all set.

Got The Hat and T-Shirt – all set.

John won’t be doing this alone of course.  He has the complete support of Martina.  I spoke to her one morning on the beach in Lanzarote and she was very clear that John should swim in as many events as possible – as long as they were places she wanted to go.  She was 100% encouraging him to consider swims in locations like Barbados, Miami, the Maldives….She’ll be right behind him, on the sun lounger, on any of those swims 🙂

John and Martina - Alctraz here he comes.

John and Martina – Alcatraz here he comes.  Next destination?

 Good luck to the Kielys!  Enjoy the trip.

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