CORAL8 – a Tribute.

The next Corkonian Channel adventure is going to be a little different since – bar Maeve Mulcahy – all of the regular tracker-stalkers are actually going to be on the boat or in the water.  CORAL8 head off – hopefully this weekend – to take a leisurely trip from England to France.  The team is made up of – deep breath – Carol Cashell, Orla Houlihan, Riana Parsons, Angela Harris, Lisa Cummins, Maeve Ryan, Donna Galvin and Eleanor Courtney.

Determined not to interrupt G&T and cake time too much, team CORAL (originally Carol, Orls, Riana, Angela and Lisa) have packed in just about everyone available and expanded to CORAL8.  This means nobody will be too incovenienced during the day out by having to actually swim much, thus missing the chat, banter and reverse tracking planned.  Just imagine the social media that day – “You – over there in Cork – we can see you’re not following us!! What’s that about??   Stop working – we have…”

Inspired by news of the massive team headed for the Channel, noted culture vultures, Kieran Murphy and Siobhan Russell, collaborated to create this wonderful tribute. Seriously, it’s some piece of artwork.  It’s such a good painting it’s almost like a photo – it’s the heads off our heroes, in fact.

Bottecelli's The Birth of Venus - as reimagined and restored by Kieranus Murphicelli

Bottecelli’s The Birth of Venus – as reimagined and restored by Kierani Murphicelli

Best of luck to the whole big, big team.  You can follow them – surprise surprise – online on Facebook by clicking here  and on Twitter @CORAL8_ .  We can expect lots of progress updates with this group!

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