Surf-fur Parkas and Hoodies

A few cold people have been asking those of us stylishly attired in our Surf-fur parkas where to get them.  Since there isn’t a local stockist, they have to be ordered online (note: business opportunity for Jellyfish or The Edge!) .


The owner of Surf-Fur, Zenon Issel, was in touch via LoneSwimmer.  They have discounted pricing for orders of five or more.  I’ve already got mine, but I’ll be happy to co-ordinate an order if people want to contact me.

5 – 10 pieces 11-18 pieces 19 Plus
Waterparka $120 $115 $110 (Retail is $139)
Surfcheck Hoodie $70 $65 $60 (Retail is $80)
Slicker  $55 $50 $47   (Retail is $75)

XXL and XXXL Waterparkas are an additional $20 each.  

Shipping cost is $25 per item.

Details on all the products are online here.

I love mine, both the parka and the hoodie – my best buy in a long time!


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