Summer’s here….maybe?

Looks like we can expect some rise in the sea temps over the coming week.  Even as they’ve stuck under 11c, it’s fantastic to see eleven swimmers doing the 4km over and back to Fountainstown on Sunday.  Mike Elliot obliged with safety cover, as he so often does now.  Well done to everyone – huge strides forward from last year.

Siobhan Russell is back in the sea herself, but she followed the swimmers across to get some beautiful scenic shots yesterday.  Seriously, who’d swap this for North Korea-Cork’s “freshwater” camps?   Sadists – I’m tellin’ ya.




She wasn’t the only one keeping an eye in the sky as our daily swimmers, Tom and Pat, followed them over too.


Back at the beach, we had a visit for a pose swim by Sham “The Body” O’Riordan – seen here sucking it in standing naturally beside Peter O’Mahony.  Sham’s lost all unnecessary body weight with all the marathons he’s running.  He can’t even fit in his wetsuit any more.  Peter’s looking fit too – must be all that rugby!


The busy beach continued after the earlier swims with locals, regulars and visitors from Clonmel.



Hopefully we’ll see 13c and over soon – roasted, we’ll be.  Usual swim tonight 6pm.  Bí ann, gan teip.

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