Dance Troupe – Here come the girls.

It was only a matter of time.  With Eddie missing for months and Jumpin’ J skipping rehearsals for jaunts to Ballinspittle and Spain (equally lovely destinations, of course) there was clearly a gap to be exploited.  As Denis says, leave it to the mnás.

With careful planning and protestations that they just happened to be buying new togs, Carol and Breda got ready with the moves.  On Monday night – Voila, The Seaweed Shuffle.  Serious candidates for the new Myrtleville troupe – costumes and all.

I believe it was inspired also by Aisling Barry’s new wave (get it?) Harlem Shuffle solo at the weekend.  I think Marie was supposed to make it a duo but got caught by a warm one.


As Mr. Finbarr says – it’s all happening in Myrtleville.

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