The recovery window

As previously posted, an evening seminar on nutrition was discussed for the swimmers in Myrtleville.  Certainly, nutrition does seem to be high on the Myrtlevillian agenda.  Rather than a big long seminar, I thought we might just focus on one thing – the golden nutrition period of 45 minutes post-swim, AKA the muscle recovery window.

As the saying goes – here’s the science bit: this is the time when muscles are restored, repaired and regenerated.  All of the processes that help repair damaged muscle tissue, build new muscle and replenish muscle energy are activated immediately after exercise.  It is almost as if a switch was turned on.  However, this switch has a timer.  After 45 minutes it automatically turns off.  We call this 45 minute interval the “muscle recovery window.”  To take full advantage, all you have to is consume the right combination of nutrients within 45 minutes after a workout.

That all sounds fair enough, doesn’t it?  I don’t think there’s a problem with getting our elite swimmers to consume nutrients in the 45 minute window, so let’s just focus on six words there – “consume the right combination of nutrients”.

Where in those six words does it say “cake”, “sticky buns”, “custard slices”, “sausages” etc etc etc?  Hmmmmm?


Back to the drawing board for the nutrition plan – or the frying pan and oven, maybe.

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