New product release from Harcon PLC

Spare a thought in this great weather (other than the morning fog) for the seemingly large number of our fellow swimmers suffering from head colds and chest infections.  The current species of virus goes on for a couple of weeks and laughs in the face of all antibiotics and other remedies…….until now!

With the shower market cornered, Harcon Plc are expanding their product range and have proudly announced the all-new  “One night cough syrup”.

Only available direct from Harcon’s mobile delivery vehicle (parked at the top of Myrtleville slip at 10.30am most days), it’s the solution to what ails you. Not currently available in pharmacies, but discussions with Ed the Chemist are planned.

Never miss another swim! Just one dose and you too can look this good the next day.

Prime examples of the health benefits of the One Night Syrup.

Prime examples of the health benefits of the One Night Syrup.

Great to see our national reputation as a centre of pharmacological excellence being enhanced further.

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