Peace breaks out – HARCON PLC goes public.

In breaking business, legal and sporting news this column can exclusively reveal that the feuding empires of the Condon and Harris Shower companies have let business logic come to the fore and have joined forces as HARCON Plc.  This new entity will combine the polished, established credentials of the Harris Shower company with the guerilla marketing tactics of the younger upstarts in Condon Showers, to seek world domination of the post-OW swim shower market.  All ongoing legal actions between the two companies worldwide have been dropped.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Chairman and CEO of HARCON Plc on a corporate day out to celebrate the new company.

Speaking at the company launch, Mike Harris (Chairman), commented that combining the first three letters of each of the existing company names to create HARCON seemed the perfect naming solution.  Mr. Harris noted that they had considered the first three letters of his name and the last three of Mr. Condon’s.  However, it was felt that HARDON Plc could potentially have some negative connotations.  Given that same was also anatomically impossible after a cold water swim this might open the door to misinterpretation by customers – with potential legal challenges.  “And we’ve had enough of those”, said Mr. Harris, wryly.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

New promotional shot of the HARCON Shower in use.

This is a good-news business story for all concerned – except the customers, as shower prices have now been doubled.  “Monopoly?”, CEO Condon was quoted as saying, “I haven’t played that for years. ”

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Delighted that all the issues are resolved, Chairman of HARCON Plc, Mr. Mike Harris, made his way to the mecca of OW swimming and gave thanks.

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