The olive branch…a note (for a vote) for SISC.

Here's one ye never thought ye'd see on this site - courtesy of LoneSwimmer.

Here’s one ye never thought ye’d see on this site – courtesy of LoneSwimmer.

I know in the past I may have made the odd comment that might have been open to misinterpretation but really, we’re all friends in Myrtleville and Sandycove – right lads?

I mean – seriously – Moz never thought I really wanted him tarred and feathered for what he did to The Hat, did he?  And Mr. Finbarr, sure he didn’t mind being compared to Clarence “The Big Man” Clemons – sure he didn’t?

The Bull – me ould buddy, Robbie – he wasn’t put out about being taunted repeatedly for having to swim in Myrtleville whenever the tide went out around the Island?  Angela?  Angela couldn’t have minded me ripping off her Minutes or encouraging counterfeit shower production worldwide….

No, no, I’m convinced that it was all taken in good humour and therefore couldn’t possibly prevent wholesale voting by all Sandycove Swimmers for us in the ILDSA Awards (Vote here: Section 10 is us, by the way

However, in light of the fact that maybe there was the occasional misunderstanding and since we are 100% not above buying votes here in Myrtleville, loyal Myrtlevillains have been glad to offer the following, if sufficient votes* are received from Sandycove:

1. B. Lynch will spend the entire day in his retail establishment in his Speedos, wearing a Sandycove swim hat.

2. D. Cregan-Condon will provide Sandycove-branded Showers for the first fifty swimmers who lap the Island five times in the dark in February. (Denis doesn’t like to give showers away easily).

3. P. Lowry will wear a pink wetsuit and walk behind Ms. Harris for one hour at the Sandycove Challenge next year, while sprinkling fairy dust and chanting “make way for the Pink Fairy”.

4. S. Russell will photograph N. Denison and G. Molnar’s next nude swim around Sandycove and have the images produced as mousemats for all SISC members.

Now, how could you not vote for us, your bestest, bestest friends forever?

Vote here: Section 10 is us, by the way

*(Legal Note: Determination of the meaning of “sufficient votes” is solely at the discretion of the Vote-Buying sub-committee of the Myrtleville Swimmers Is Not A Club, Club Committee.  All individuals mentioned in this article are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons is purely coincidental, although we do all know most of them.)

3 thoughts on “The olive branch…a note (for a vote) for SISC.

  1. Siobhan has already had me sit three times for the naked calendar she plans to sell for charity. Can’t she use on of those pictures?

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