Done? One Done? We need Done, Done, Done, Done, Done, Done…and more Done(s).

I’ve seen people on FaceBook proudly announcing “Done” in reply to various calls for voting for the world’s most active swimming group – US 🙂 – in the ILDSA awards.

Vote here: Section 10 is us:

One “Done” is no use at all.  We need done, done, done, done and more done. We need votes from every device in the house and office. Phone, PC, TV, Laptop, xBox etc etc.  Use Internet Explorer, Chrome, FireFox.  Grab a phone off passing strangers and vote on theirs.  Force co-workers to vote.

Vote here: Section 10 is us:

Where is the spirit that got “A Nation once again” by the Wolfe Tones voted the greatest song of all time on a BBC online poll?  Come on all those who crashed Time’s Person of the Century by voting for Ronnie O’Brien! Where are all the Rage Against The Machine fans who stopped the X Factor number one??

Vote here: Section 10 is us:

This is definitely the most important vote of the year – if not ever.  Perspective and reason have nothing to do with it: just vote – you know it’s right!

Vote here: Section 10 is us:

Of course it’s completely up to each person how they vote.  But remember,

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