Mad maps & lost sheep (or goats?)

Despite the Armageddon forecast for Saturday morning, it was quite swimmable.  We had seven swimmers and at 8.4c, nobody felt the need to get out early.

We were surprised when Finbarr Hedderman arrived, as there had been a lot of big talk on Twitter during the week about swimming at 7.30 in Sandycove.  Poor old Finbarr turned up down West to find himself alone in the dark – with the Twitterati staying in bed.  Ah well, at least he was able to come across to Myrtleville for some company 🙂

Gary Frost’s map for the swim shows there was a bit of messing around and stop-starting going on, but it was really enjoyable.  Finbarr and Jim Shaloo headed over outside the breaking waves at the Dutchman, with the rest of us turning at Fennell’s Bay.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Mad Maps – what was Gary doing?

Siobhan Russell swam on Thursday and Sunday – here’s proof:

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Toes-eye view – the Dutchman and Roches Point are thataway.

Not the greatest forecast for the week, but we can’t complain for February.  Going to try for 4.30 Monday and Thursday, with 8.15 on Saturday morning looking the most dodgy one given the current weather predictions.   There’s bound to be a calm bit, though!

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