Last January Saturday swim

Great to have seven swimmers at dawn in January. A big change from last year.

8.6c on the watches for the sea temp and it was very mild on land, so not bad at all for a Winter swim. We got to the Dutchman quickly, with a bit of a haul coming back into a rising Westerly wind.

Siobhan was following up her Friday swim and brought the camera, of course.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Myrtleville dawn – 25 January, 2014

A less common shot of Siobhan in front of the camera.  Apparently the prescription goggles are great for cutting onions too.  Good to see that Bernard is shooting up these days – or is he on his tiptoes again?

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Siobhan with her specially purchased cheap swimming Uggs. And two passing swimmers.

Gary & Niamh have an ongoing race apparently, but they took a morning off from it on Saturday.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Niamh O’Connor & Gary Frost – no racing today.

No matter what day or time you turn up in Myrtleville this Winter, Denis Condon is either in the water, just out or ready to go in with you.  He’s hardly missed a day.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Denis Condon – swimming in Myrtleville more than anyone this Winter.

Swimming at 4.30pm today, Monday and next Thursday, Jan 30th.  First swim of February next Saturday morning at 08.15.  Denis will probably also be swimming on Tuesday, Wednesday and twice on Friday – but you’d have to check with him 🙂


2 thoughts on “Last January Saturday swim

  1. Lovely swim out to dutchman and back for most of us.
    Damian is fast catching up with Finbar in his cold water acclimatization and was in for nearly an hour. Thought it was toasty.
    We should have a head to head between them both in Myrtleville and we can adjudicate from the beach sipping coffee 🙂

  2. Head to head my A**. The only bit where we’d be head to head would be when Finbarr pulled me out life-guard style with hypothermia – while he was merely starting to feel only slightly warm, rather than hot. It’s far from Finbarr’s level I’m at.

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