Long march to the island

The hopes of Myrtleville Swimmers in the Sandycove Challenge tomorrow rest on our seasoned campaigners, Carol Cashell and Eddie Irwin.  Committed Myrtlevillians and founders of the ABS campaign, they travel the long road to the Island on Saturday with our best wishes and some tea and sandwiches for the journey – they’re bound to get hungry going all that way (right, Rob?) 🙂 🙂

You’ll have to read the replies below for the amended picture to make any sense – if even then.

Open water sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Lots and lots of Myrtlevillians.

2 thoughts on “Long march to the island

  1. Ok, you’re right. I should have put in Trevor. So, I’ve added him as an inset. Then I thought, sure that’s not fair on Rob. He’s there loads of times too and he’s being left out….so, I added him as well. Bet he’s happy.

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