East Wind 1 Swimmers 0

When the weather goes against us, there’s nothing to do but shrug.  Tom McCarthy correctly predicted the miserable conditions this morning – even getting to the Dutchman would have been difficult.  Church Bay was out of the question.  Some people, however, just can’t be told……

Open water sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Can’t let it go – still touting for entries when all is lost – some people…..

Fortunately, we were able to warn in advance but Ruairi and Rosie Higgins had already flown from the UK.  At least they were able to see Ruairi’s dad, Pat, back in action with the year-round Myrtleville swimmers.  Great to see him recovered from his accident.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Pat Higgins, Brian O’Regan, Ruairi Higgins, Rosie Higgins & Tom Bermingham

Caroline Treacy turned up to enter on the day, but had to settle for a swim with Tom McCarthy in the lumpy waves off the beach.

Open water sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Tom McCarthy & Caroline Treacy braving the Easterly wind

Eoin O’Riordan also planned to enter on the day and still turned up despite getting four separate emails from different sources letting him know it was cancelled.  Good to know the communications systems were working!  Carol Cashell has hardly been swimming at all lately (3rd lady home Manhattan Island Marathon; winner in Martin Duggan Memorial Swim on Friday night) so she also just had to get a swim in.  Bernard lives at the beach so he was always going to go in….

Open water sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Sure it’s a lovely day for a swim…..Carol Cashell, Eoin O’Riordan & Bernard Lynch before testing the waters

Even that vastly experienced group were happy to turn at Fennell’s Bay.  Church Bay just wasn’t on the cards today.

Open water sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Not doing justice to how rough it was – Church Bay, June 16, 2013

We will have to look carefully at the OW Calendar and pick a day with suitable tides.  Hopefully that will be selected next week.  Thanks to everyone who entered.  Next time, fingers crossed.

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