No more sea lice talk

It’s easily known Denis is back.  Moaning on Facebook has recommenced – bigly, as someone once said.  Today’s moan, for those sensibly avoiding Facebook, was about getting bitten by sea lice.  

Thankfully, Deirdre Dwane put him back in his box by posting the following useful piece of information:

In future, Mr. Condon, we’d appreciate if there could be a bit more accuracy in your moans and less speculative, uninformed conjecture.

Here’s a bit more information, since you didn’t bother to conduct extensive research (Open Google, type question, finish research) like some of us did:

Sea lice’ that cause ‘itchy bites’ are tiny little jellyfish or stinger larvae that have the same stinging cells (nematocysts) as an adult jellyfish/stinger, but because they’re only small they only affect a small area.


Future commentary on this phenomenon will be expected to be precise and along the lines of:

“Ah for feck sake, I’m bitten raw by some planktonic larval stages of certain jellyfish”, or

“Christ, the itching from cnidarian larvae is brutal today”.  

Or even, “Are you all scratchy from a dose of the nematocysts tonight, Anne?”

Get it right, Denis, FFS.

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