A bit of a do – in pictures

A great crowd and a great time in Bunnyconnellan on Friday night.  The speeches were brutal, but all the rest of the evening was really enjoyable.  As ever, Siobhan Russell got some lovely pictures and they’re on Facebook.

Siobhan also captured some of the background colour to the event, which can be so easily missed – if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

First of all you had to get past the bouncers to get in the door.  “Sorry, friend – regulars only…”  You know the kind of thing.

Smiling bouncers - you don't get that everywhere.

Smiling bouncers – you don’t get that everywhere.

Once inside, there was the girls freezing out poor Cait from the glamour shots.  Jealousy, Cait – terrible thing to see.

For some, the finger food was a bit late coming out and they were ready to eat anything.

Conor Fenlon - Those army fellas are trained to eat whatever's available.  Ramen or Ramsell, it's all the same to Conor.

Conor Fenlon – Those army fellas are trained to eat whatever’s available. Ramen or Ramsell, it’s all the same to Conor.

Finally, there was the guy whose wife told him he was paying for the finger food…


Great crack all round and a fitting marker for all of the swim achievements by so many Myrtlevillians this year.  

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