July 14 is T Day

Looks like it has finally arrived – T Day (when the Myrtle Turtles swim to France) is scheduled to begin at 5.30 am tomorrow, Thursday, July 14.  Bastille Day.

They are on Gallivant with pilot, Mike Oram and the tracker will be live from the start time tomorrow morning.  Click on the tracker link here

Unfortunately, during the waiting around there have been some disturbances – with a man sighted loitering in the bushes near the caravan.  Vaguely familiar look to him, I thought.

Open water swimming.

Anyone know this man – the Dover Loiterer?

The ladies have now deployed divine assistance, with the Child of Prague warding off bad weather and unwanted bushmen.

Open water swimming

Child of Prague in the Varne Ridge bushes.

Vive les Turtles!  Can’t wait for tomorrow.

Myrtle Turtles English Channel Relay team

Turtles in waiting – manager overboard.

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