Vote on the new towel colours!

Already acknowledged – by loads of people around Myrtleville – as the best in the world, Myrtleville Swimmers are branching out into our own towel production!  Yes, that is correct and not just another thing I made up:-)

Soon to be donned and displayed on beaches across the world is the brand spanking new and latest must-have beach fashion item – the Myrtleville Swimmers towel! However, members of TCFTSOTC (The Committee For The Selection Of Towel Colours) are divided as to what colour towel we should create. Which would you prefer?

Planned towel size is big – 100cm x 180cm if possible – and we expect pricing around €20 each.

Please note that if we don’t like the result we’ll just ignore it, or run the poll again until we get the right one.  The fact that we don’t know what is the right decision in no way invalidates this statement – but may invalidate the poll.  There’s democracy for you 🙂

7 thoughts on “Vote on the new towel colours!

  1. Navy is more practical. Important that you buy good quality towels soft to touch and dries quickly.

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