Flags of convenience

The picture below sent on by Frank Lynch of Alan Wilkie wearing The Hat, but swimming for another crowd in the excellent Sunday’s Well Masters Gala, started me thinking about flags of convenience.


First, an amended definition with some words deleted and some added to fit the specific circumstances we are dealing with here: 

Flag of convenience is the business Myrtleville practice of registering a merchant ship swimmer in a sovereign state goat-ridden island (GRI), different from that of the ship’s owners swimmer’s real and beautiful swimming location and flying that state’s GRI’s civil ensign goaty cap on the ship swimmer so as to enter certain events. Ships Swimmers are registered under flags of convenience to reduce operating costs for Myrtlevillians and avoid the regulations of the owner’s  swimmer’s country, while making practically a full-time job for Angela Harris registering Myrtlevillians with Swim Ireland.

Apparently there are so many Myrtlevillians using the flag of convenience these days, a new position for Flag Of Convience Secretary had to be created at an EGM down West. 

So we had Alan using the flag of convenience but wearing The Hat.   More disturbingly, at the same event, we had the blackmailing of Anthony Sloman.  Told he HAD to wear that red thing by the aforementioned, hard-working, registration-queen, Angela Harris – he was forced to be seen in public without his Myrtleville Hat.  His solution was to swim really fast so nobody could see him – just a kind of red blur.  Good thinking, Anthony.  He also washed his hair a lot afterwards.


It occurs to me that if so many Myrtlevillians keep taking up the flag of convenience, we could arrive at a situation where they could propose and carry votes at the AGM down West.  All we’d need to do is lay on a bus and say it’s a day out.  Nobody fills a day out like Myrtlevillians.  Next year’s AGM:

“I propose a club name-change to Myrtleville Swimmers Occasional Day-Trip Swimming Club”.  Carried by 172 votes.

“I propose a new Hat…….”.  Carried overwhelmingly….

Has anyone in SISC given any strategic thought to all of these flags of convenience members? They might now.

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