Swim gear update

With so many of our swimming colleagues falling for the “charms” of the dark side (otherwise known as pool swimming), some have now begun to suffer the consequences. Pools are harbourers of germs, holders of buckets of bacteria and the fastest known way to spread a cough.  Pool swimmers are opened up to a vast array of infections.

Former Open Water Swimmer, B. Lynch, has spotted a commercial opportunity in this sea of bugs and will shortly be marketing the new Anti-Germ-Whole-Face-Bacteria-Deflecting-Snorkel-Mask (Patent Pending).   He is particularly confident that the triathlete market will be extremely lucrative, as no triathlete can possibly train or compete without the latest, hippest and most expensive gear. 

Modelling the prototype here, Mr. Lynch is sure that no self-respecting swimmer will be seen in a pool without one.  Available from all good sports shops and off the back of Denis Cregan-Condon’s van, once he gets some knock-offs made up in China.IMG_0602 (3)

For those not willing to invest in the mask – keep swimming in the sea.  Germ free – relatively.

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