Baywatch in Myrtleville

Denis Cregan-Condon and his sidekick, Danny Barnsley, have been full of the joys of life in the last few days, as they’re joined – allegedly – by two new Polish swimming friends.

“They puts our Mnás to shame”, said an obviously-tired-of-life, Cregan-Condon.  We’ll leave Ms. Sheehy and others to deal with him for that one.

“Phhwoaahhrrr, like Baywatch it were”, opined Daniel in agreement. “You don’t get that ’round the River Dearne, down Barnsley way”.

By way of proof of the inimitable beauty of these foreign visitors, these frolicking pictures have been posted online by the two happy men. No expense has been spared – clearly – in getting the best of camera gear and photographers to record the event.  You can see from the pictures that there seem to be people in them.


Given that many people think it’s actually impossible to swim in Myrtleville without having your picture taken by a top-quality professional, it’s disappointing this momentous event –  which gave such pleasure to two men of a certain age – wasn’t captured better.

Fortunately, a bit of online searching found the profiles of the two young Polish ladies and their picture of Denny and Danny – or maybe it’s just how the two girls saw them.

images (5)

Looking forward to more pictures when the girls come back and also to seeing how Denis gets out of this one.

1 thought on “Baywatch in Myrtleville

  1. Hi,
    If Damian is down for a swim I would like to have a look at his surf fur to check size I am interested in buying one.
    Michael Looney.

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