Tide-dependent swim schedule

I noticed that other swim locations – not as blessed as ours – are busy preparing their swim schedules for 2016.  These depend on whether the tide is in or out.  Of course in Myrtleville, The World’s No.1 Swimming Spot, we don’t have that problem.

However, I’d hate for our multitudes of swimmers to feel left out, so a committee was formed to deal with the issue. The Committee For Designing Spurious Scheduling Tools Which Are Not Required But We Want One Anyway (TCFDSSTWANRBWWOA) have – after extensive research – produced the following:

Myrtleville Swim Schedule Planner Ready-Reckoner
High/Low Swim Time
HT Insert any time you want here
LT Insert any time you want here
HT Insert any time you want here
LT Insert any time you want here

How to use this tool for swimming in Myrtleville:

Look at the weather and if it’s not too windy or otherwise dangerous – go swimming.

NOTE: This applies at High, Low, Halfway-In, Halfway-Out, Coming, Going, Spring, Neap, Full, Empty and all tides in between. Stay close to the shore and check the tide direction for any longer swims (Church Bay or Fountainstown) but there’s always plenty of water!

Hopefully that’s of use to all Myrtlevillians.

If for any reason you don’t feel like a swim at low tide, there’s an island down West you could go for a walk around 🙂

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Things you might see on lower tides in Myrtleville.

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