B&W album covers

Siobhan Russell’s latest batch of photos are B&W. She needed to have some atmosphericy type carry-on for the photo-shoot for the lads in the band making their comeback.  I personally think they’ve aged well and the shorter hair suits them.  I also think taking the pic on the beach rather than up by the boathouse like they did in ’76 was inspired.  Nice one, Siobhan.

Good luck with the new album, lads. Here’s a sneak preview of the new album cover and the ’76 one…12348152_1274533839239167_6833245268265381858_n d95e3c680634c137531e4d42b34efe57

Some debate also last week about the comments regarding Eoin Lowry’s potentially drugged status on this site.  Look, the facts are there for anyone to see –


There’s something going on with that fella.  He hasn’t been seen around for a while either. We’ll have to await developments on that Myrtle and Patso story.

The new bench looks great, although some people hog the whole thing for themselves.  Typical.12391801_1274531002572784_316246438660032191_n

5 thoughts on “B&W album covers

  1. Making that album was really hard man……..kept getting flashbacks to the boathouse in ’76….don’t know how got through it but we did….think it had something to do with the temperature of the water in December. Glad you like the new album cover dude…..Siobhan is one hell of a photo-artist and can make anyone look good 🙂 …..Eamonn

  2. I’m with you my man Eamonn and my muso bro’s. Those were the days man,the summer of ’76. Great to be back together after the split of ’77 when Jimmy quit and Jodie got married, should of known we’d never get far… That’s behind us now.To the Dutchman and beyond! Yo the kool photo artist babe. Our very own Linda McCartney. Always making us look better then we are! Thanks Siobhan.Rock on !!!!

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