Garnish – great, as ever.

Another lovely day out for swimmers in Glengarriff on Saturday.  It’s getting to be an expectation of glorious weather each year at this stage!  It’s a beautiful place to swim and a great place for a night out in the Summer.

Siobhan Russell did her usual fantastic job capturing the atmosphere.  She was even in the water early in the day, checking it out for camera angles with Maria and Marion.


Very nice to see a splash of Myrtleville T-Shirts and hats throughout the day.  Audrey and Brenda were so put out with Ruth for not wearing hers that there was a bit of a debate about whether they’d let her hang around with them 🙂


Orla Houlihan, Maeve Mulcahy, Bernard Lynch, Carol Cashell and Trevor Malone.  You’re in with some speedsters there, Maeve!


Tomás came back from Copenhagen for the swim – but may have wished he hadn’t.


While others got their numbers and prepared themselves mentally and physically for the task, that guy I’ve been warning about who’s often loitering in Myrtleville had followed the crowds West and was on another recruitment drive – “Why go in there?  Come in here with me…..I will tell you about “fresh” water….we have camps….join me, join me.”


Unfortunately, there are always stragglers on the periphery of the herd who can be enticed away from safety.  Where, oh where, was brother Pat to protect poor Eoin?

1891199_1161650603860825_3987631368034206380_nThose who escaped the North Kork clutches moved on to the pier, to get ready to swim. Siobhan got in front of the lens with one of her heroes, Mr. Redmond.


Mr. Elliot set the high sartorial standards for the kayakers.


Agnieszka, James and Gary – getting ready for the 5km. Smiles everywhere.1623573_1161722957186923_1277075587731268201_n

10246674_1161733910519161_6930446856595185333_nWell, smiles almost everywhere.  Siobhan captured a lovely shot of Angela Harris as she spotted what her dad was wearing.  Even Orla was shocked.      11265208_1161688240523728_7836899257918162029_nLove the hat, Mr. Harris.  Ciaran O’Connor also eyes it up.  They’re in Centra, Crosshaven, Ciaran!10250223_1161737320518820_2371547133018197917_n

Anne Sheehy modelled the T-Shirt and Hat combo – as well as the eye of the tiger: focused on the swim at this stage.


And finally to some actual swimming!  There were great personal achievements for loads of Myrtlevillians right through the field with first-time 3k, 5k and 7k swimmers. Well done to everyone who swam and to Ossi and Imelda for organisation.

Trevor Malone swam a little 4km in Myrtleville on Saturday morning with Eddie Irwin and Jim Shalloo, then travelled down with Bernard Lynch on Saturday evening and was the fastest around the 7km.  He was so fast (1hr 34 mins) that a kayaker told him he’d miscounted and to head off on his third lap.  Trevor’s reply was to the point, shall we say.   He did a great job considering that Angela – still a bit peeved about Dad’s hat – actually pointed him on to rocks and steered her kayak in front of him.  Ah, Angela.


All the same, I reckon Brenda and Marie would have taken Trevor if they didn’t keep stopping for pictures.  Proper Gaddin’ About, ladies 🙂


Entries for our own swim on July 4th started to come in on Saturday evening from swimmers on a high and using the Garnish outing as their qualifier!  If you’re not entered, do it now – RNLI Myrtleville-Church Bay 2015 Entry form.

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