D’Eclipse – de video and d’outtakes.

Congratulations once again to the fabulous film-making team of Condon and Sheehy.  The Eclipse video is excellent.

Anne does a great job of taking the raw materials from Denis and producing smooth, slick videos.  Of course, it’s not always that straightforward in the creative process.  There may be the odd bump in the path when people don’t do what’s wanted when the director wants it done.  Director Denis is not always happy – especially when he has to count the actors in again.

In this next one – something’s happening or at least Denis tells us it is.  Just don’t follow Pat – Denis won’t like that.  Oh, speaking of Pat….we can hear what you were saying to our Siobhan on this video, Mr. Lowry.  She can sing if she wants to sing and don’t you be a bully boy telling her to sing So Low.  You leave our Siobhan alone – you brat.  Voice of an angel, she has, an angel 😉

Great work Anne – nobody need ever know how much you had to cover up with Bonnie’s singing.

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