CPR / AED course 2

From Pat Lowry:

Another successful night of CPR/AED training. Once again, a very keen and eager bunch. We  should once again thank Victor Shine for the use of the coast guard station which was a fantastic facility. Top notch nosh (say that fast) came from my lovely wife, Denise and thanks also to Adrian Bishop (other instructor) for giving me a big hand out.


Things are really taking shape now to make our little Myrtleville swimming community a safer place to be. 24 People in total now trained on CPR/AED and choking for both adult and child. This is in addition to the already local voluntary personnel in the area.

Depending on numbers I would hope to do one more training night before Xmas. By this I mean that if I don’t have enough to fill a full class I’d like to run a refresher night purely on the skills that were taught before we move on any further.  Because of the amount of questions and information passed on in both courses, I felt that those already trained up could do with a little more practice on skills alone.  This would consist of: I would set up in a room with a manikin and rescuers would come and practice under supervision. It would take no more than 20 minutes per person. 


If anyone is interested in a place on the next course and you have not already done so, let Damian know – myrtlevilleswimmers@gmail.com.  There are seven names down already.

1 thought on “CPR / AED course 2

  1. A big thanks to Pat and Adrian for the excellent training. We at Myrtlevillw Swimmers are very lucky to have An advanced paramedic who is willing to give up his time to share this life saving skill with us. Thanks also to Denise for the yummy cakes.

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