Watch out Killary….

Leenane locals don’t know what’s going to hit them this weekend as the hostel is taken over by Myrtlevillains on a Tequila Trip serious swimming expedition.  Good luck to all, but especially to the Connemara folk when this lot get there.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Myrtlevillains in serious training for the Killary Fjord swim.

It’s been an “Autumny” week, with a bit of texture on the water some of the days, but still warm and enjoyable.There were a few birthdays this week.  Some public, some not so public.

Ros - Birthday Girl!

Ros – Birthday Girl!

Another notable feature of the week was the rising challenge by Paschal Horgan to Denis Cregan-Condon’s previously undisputed title as De Babe Magnet (he told me).  By all accounts, Paschal has de wimmin eatin’ outa his hand.  Swim Safe!  Enjoy Killary Fjord for those who are travelling.  Normal 08.15 Saturday for those who aren’t.

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