Enoying every minute of the weather!

It really has been an amazing month of weather and sea temperatures.  Lots of swimming still being done.  Monday nights at 6.00pm will continue until October 20th.  The clocks go back on Sunday 26th, so that will be that for another year.  Just 08.15 on Saturday mornings as the set time until next April, although lots of people will go at earlier day times during the week.

Saturday morning was beautiful and various groups went to Church Bay and back and Fountainstown – either one way or return.  That group were dead chuffed with themselves, so they went for an extra long breakfast afterwards.  The life of Riley. 

Meanwhile in Spain, Pat Lowry had to deal with water even hotter than ours and got the dreaded (for triathletes) “No Wetsuit” notification!  He seems to have managed just fine in his togs, though.  Well done, Pat 🙂

Nice see also that The Hat continues to travel and spread the love.  Spotted in Salthill at the weekend.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Enjoy the warm seas!   Swim Safe.

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