Crosshaven Challenge Triathlon 2014

Another fantastic event, with great performances all round.  I’m just gathering together the links from Facebook and elsewhere here in one post as a few people have asked.  I’ve put all the photos from Siobhan Russell on Google+ so they’re accessible to all outside of Facebook.

This year in particular, saw lots of “next generations” entered, with various Sloweys, Shalloos, Lynchs, Lowrys etc on show.  All look like massive improvements on the older editions.  I know there are others, so apologies I can’t get them all in!

1510660_966708740021680_1163554567480086241_n 1070013_966708466688374_7981083219852352032_n 10675790_966710563354831_7495111931303467055_n 1908084_966711090021445_6961137729388084052_n

A great addition to the event was this video taken by Drone. Well done to Nomah (Age 13).

Finally, the full results are available here.  Well done to the organisers, sponsors and participants.  Centra – Brightens up your Day 🙂

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