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We’re lucky compared to the Dublin area when it comes to the Lion’s Mane.  They have beaches being closed due to the numbers of them.  That must be really frustrating for swimmers who went through the Winter and now can’t enjoy the warmer water of the Summer/Autumn!

We’ve seen a reasonable number of Compass jellyfish in Myrtleville (not as many as further West around Beara, though).  There have been a few debates about which ones are dodgy and which aren’t, so I’m posting this to give a link to a very comprehensive site on this chosen specialised subject –

In particular, they have a very good summary of what’s to be found in Ireland and also what to do – and not do-  in case of a sting.

Without any personal experience of these products, apparently you can buy some version of sun-block and jellyfish sting protection lotion. – here and here, or there may be lots of others and they may or may not work!

Let’s all just hope we don’t get to see any of these guys!

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