Good luck. Well done.

Down for a pre-travel swim on Tuesday morning, Carol Cashell and Rob Bohane – who are heading for Florida and Jersey for big swims – were joined by Eddie Irwin, who is going to Limerick for the day soon.  Good luck, Eddie!  Mind yourself in that place. The other two should be safe enough.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Carol and Rob are heading out foreign for big swims. Eddie’s going to Limerick. Up the Rebels.

Well done to the five Myrtlevillains who competed in the 5km Monte Cristo Challenge in France at the weekend – Fiona Gough, Rosaleen McKeown, Tim Smyth, Keith McKeown and Andrew Gough.  They had The Hat with them, but it seems to have gone lazing by the pool.

Hat Monte Cristo

Or, it may simply have been tired after its visit to Spain for the coronation of the new King – VIP class, of course.

Crown for the new King.

Crown for the new King.

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