Blackwater Tri OW swim session

Blackwater Tri club organised a swim yesterday morning at Myrtleville and – fair dues to them – put safety first and had kayak cover in place.  Great to see so many people swimming from the beach and doing it safely.

Not a great picture – into the sun on a phone….some who swam were Eoin Broderick , Nigel Carroll, Fiona Foley, Jim Mullins, Martin Buckley, Stephanie Marie Mendel and Adam Blaiklock.

Open water sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Some of the swimmers for Blackwater Tri Club’s organised training swim – with kayak support.

On Saturday, the club had a fantastic first place in the Musgrave Triathlon, with James Slowey concentrating on the bike this time out.  Need to get back into the water, James…..and get a haircut 🙂

Open water sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Blackwater Tri team – winners of Musgrave Triathlon, with Myrtleville regular, James Slowey – the hairy biker, Joe Scanlon was the swimmer and Nigel Carroll the runner.

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