Monday nights – definitely back this time

It might not have been pretty.  It may not even have been Myrtleville – but we’ve got our first Monday night done.  Fountainstown was the back-up after meeting in Myrtleville and deciding 100m over and back in the waves wasn’t too enticing.

Just one km away, Fountainstown was relatively calm and a pleasure to swim in.  Sea temp just over 9C.  We were fortunate to meet Paddy from Funkytown out for a spin on a stand up kayak, to give us advice on where to swim.  Good timing for us.

If it wasn’t for the lashing rain that started just as we came out, it would have been nice on land too!  Hopefully we’ll stay in Myrtleville next week, but it’s great to have the alternative.  Just four swimmers tonight, but Carol and Maeve will be spreading the word that it’s time to get back into the sea, I reckon.  Big smiles all round.

Open water sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Fountainstown – Monday night, 15 April 2013

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