Munster Open Water Swim Calendar 2013

From Finbarr Hedderman:

Hey Folks, the sun has come out so it must be sea swimming time…

The 2013 Munster Open Water Race Calendar is getting pretty full at this stage and all your favourites are included.

The calendar is available on the web here:

We’re still waiting for dates to be confirmed for some of our swims, but most organisers have confirmed their dates and they are included in the spreadsheet. So get your togs on (or wetsuits if you’re looking for something more comfortable) and get training for the open water season. There’s plenty of big ones from past years included and some new swims too; so sunscreen at the ready, it’s time to hit the sea!

Swim safely, swim in groups & be aware of the dangers of the sea, but mostly keep swimming Nemo!

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