Dolphins at the Dutchman

Swimming at 7am this morning with Bernard and doing laps to the Dutchman Rock in roughish water and low tide.  I was busy practicing my drafting!  I noticed a definite shadow under me, followed by another three.  After another few strokes I was delighted to see the dolphins reported by Carmel in May had reappeared, right in close to Myrtleville.  Amazing to see how moving through the water is supposed to be done.  They did a couple of laps around and under us, then decided to demonstrate how drafting really works.  The three smaller ones zoomed under us in a close formation and did a sharp turn, without breaking ranks. They then circled about two metres below and put on a bubble show.  Just beautiful. They stayed around us for about ten minutes until we had headed back in towards the beach.  Bernard reckons the bigger one is Carmel’s friend Myrte who has been hanging around a bit for the last few weeks so the other three must be Bunny, Conn and Ellen…..See you all at Myrtleville .   Damian O’Neill.

Picture taken by Eoin Barry a few hours later on Saturday:

Dolphins at Myrtleville

1 thought on “Dolphins at the Dutchman

  1. Hi Damian,
    I was out fishing on Saturday & the dolphins performed for our group at the mouth of the harbour on the way out & also on our way back in. I think there are 6 of them, including 2 babies.

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