Steve Redmond & feed bottles

On my few long swims in the wetsuit last year, I used cold drinks in milk bottles.  In togs this year and needing warm drinks, the milk bottles don’t work, so I took Carol Cashell’s advice and went to The Edge to invest in a Contigo bottle.

Open water sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

CMP vs Contigo – out with the old……

Much to my surprise, Steve Redmond – as in, “starting his swim from Ireland to Wales at 11.30pm tonight”, Steve Redmond –  was standing at the display counter, pondering which of the bottles to choose.

Being an expert in the field, I gave him sterling advice.   I was literally off the phone to Carol being told what to get: she even sent me a picture.  I sounded like I knew what I was talking about, because Carol does and I was just parroting her.  Mr. Redmond chose what will now be known as Carol’s Bottle.  So, when he reaches Wales, I will claim the credit for the advice and if there are any problems with feeds on the way, Steve should contact Carol at  Good luck, Steve!

Open water, sea Swimming in Cork, Ireland

Simon Worley, Steve Redmond and a delighted hanger-on.

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