Ballycotton Swim

Carol Cashell and volunteer helpers did a fantastic job by all accounts last Friday night in Ballycotton.  Her note:

Well Done to all 40 swimmers on completing the Ballycotton Swim on Friday. I’ll be calling it Ballycotton Lighthouse swim from now on instead of ‘Around’ Island swim!.

The importance of handicapping proved worthwhile  – all swimmers were home within 18mins of each other from 1st to 40th – which meant the safety cover was not stretched out on the course.

I have heard all good words from the swimmers about the Boat Crew and Kayakers – a HUGE thanks to them all for taking the time to volunteer on Friday night, without them events don’t run so well.  (Liam, Frank, Ray, Owen, Alan, Barry, Lena, Emily, Rob, Sean, Joan, Eddie)

I have attached the results on a spreadsheet – there are 3 versions of the results *by group *by time *by category — check the tabs at the bottom of the sheet.

Thanks to everyone involved – on the water and on land, I had MANY Volunteers helping the make the event run so well. (Liam, Ray, Maeve, Helen, Mike and RNLI to name a few.)

Finally – The Ballycotton RNLI received €750 from the swim which is brilliant.   Well done again and I hope to see you next year.


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