Missing Denis

It seems like years since our spiritual criminal mastermind leader was amongst his throng on the beach.   A timely reminder of his vaunted good looks seems necessary.

Phwoar, I hear the ladies say. Swoon!  When will we see him again, they wail??

But wait!!  Stepping into the breach of Denismissingitis evident around Myrtleville, a local entrepreneur has created what is sure to become the must-have toy for all Myrtlevillian households this Christmas, The Woolly Denis Doll.

Woolly Denis Doll – gotta get one!

Mairéad Ní Mhaoileóin has ramped up production of the dolls to coincide with the ever-closer return of our hero.  

Denis Doll Action Shot – on location at the bench by the beach.

What more could the Myrtlevillian ladies (AKA De Mnás) and jealous guys (for sticking pins into) want for Christmas?  Get your orders in now to MNM Knitters Worldwide, c/o Myrtleville Beach.

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